Thankful Thursdays: Quotes


"I quote others only in order to better to express myself" -- Michel De Montaigne

I love a good quote. They make you feel like someone out there gets you, understands what you are feeling and can put that feeling into better words for you than you could for yourself. I really hope one day to be a quoted individual.... but until then, here are some of my favorite quotes, all courtesy of my Pinterest "Tell me what you know" board.

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What are you thankful for today?

PS- I linked up with Bex today. Head on over to see what other bloggers have been loving lately.


  1. These are some of my favorite quotes!!! I have some of them framed around my house, believe it or not!Super cute blog!!
    xo, Jessica

  2. Thanks Jessica! Heading over to check out your blog now.

    xoxo! Emily


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