Grammy Fashion 2011


This year, the Grammys were full of the usual items: Lady Gaga calling attention to herself in an outrageous way, people giving mildly awkward acceptance speeches, Ryan Seacrest REALLY bothering me and people forgetting to thank God for their success, talent, opportunities, etc. But I digress.

What we really want to talk about is the fashion, right? I wouldn't say it was a great night for fashion (it was the year of "everybody wear a shimmery, metallic dress!") But let's recap no less.

Best Dressed goes to...
LOVE Heidi in this Julian Macdonald gown. Is anyone else jealous that she is almost 40, has had multiple children, and still looks amazing? Yeah, me either...

On with the good.

Lea Michele in looked awesome in Pucci, but she had some serious bang issues. Note to self, if your bangs aren't grown out, do not attempt a center part. Good dress, though.

I really, really like Selena Gomez! And I am so happy that she pulled off a look that is sassy, yet tasteful. It must be really hard for teenage girls to try to hate her bc she is dating Bieber. Get that girlfriend.

Now here are some just OKs.

Alot of people really liked Rihanna in this Jean Paul Gaultier gown. I just have to say, its not my favorite.

Alright, Kim. We get it that you're sexy. Anything else?

Katy Perry wore Armani. Not the best, not the worst. I'm not personally into wearing angel wings on the red carpet, but she is so whatevs. I thought she had an amazing performance, though! And it was so sweet of her and Russell to bring their grandmother. I just really love stuff like that.

Alright, worst dressed goes to...

I only say Diana Agron is the worst dressed because I think she has SO much potential. But somehow, her looks always fall flat. Her Vivienne Westwood dress isn't horrible by itself, but her hair and makeup are way too severe. And her accessories could have really made this dress pop, but they seem really safe to me. Oh well, maybe next year!

More bad...
No comment.

I feel the same way about Lady Gaga that I do about Kim K. Okay, Gaga. You do weird things to get attention... what's next?

Agree with my choices? Who else absolutely LOVED Mumford and Sons' performance?

xoxo, Emily


  1. Totally agree. Kim K even though I love her, didn't love her look. And for Lady Gaga....I have nothing nice to say, so I won't say anything. ;) Love your blog header by the way! xoxo

  2. Thanks girl! Yours as well! What an adventure you are going on!


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