Loving me some greek key


A while back, Cody and I bought this shelf for our entry way.

Please note my sweet angel- Daisy. It's like she just knows when I am going to take a picture!

Anyway, its just a regular, run of the mill, mass produced shelf. But it definitely serves its purpose well- just a place to catch all of our crap that we have in our hands when we come home. So when I saw this upgrade to an Ikea night stand, it got me thinking about how I could customize our shelf!


So on a recent snow day (yes, I said SNOW DAY and I live in Houston), I decided to give it a go!

First, I drew a very rough sketch of how I wanted it to look (orange post-it). Then, I taped off the areas I was going to paint.

All the while, dealing with this distraction :)

Then, I painted two coats of primer followed by one coat of regular white wall paint, let it dry and here is the finished product...

Its very subtle, but overall I am pretty happy with it! The shelf still needs to be accessorized and whatnot, but I do love seeing the greek key when I come down the stairs! More to come.

xoxo, Emily

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