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Today we have Sarah from Hello Lovely sharing her "5 Things I Love" with us. If you haven't visited Sarah's blog before, you must! Anytime I need a 'girly, glam' kick- Hello Lovely is definitely where I head. The spaces she features are always gorgeous, and I can tell just how SWEET Sarah is by reading her posts. I mean- anyone who says 'lovebug' and 'sweetiepie' regularly has to be one herself, right?! :)

Hello Lovebugs! This is Sarah from Hello Lovely. I was tres excited when sweetie pie Emily asked me to take part in her 5 things series! However, I didn't anticipate just how hard this would be!!! Only 5 things??? Yikes! OK, here goes...I have narrowed down my list and here are 5 of of my favourite things from my home.
The first thing I love is my reading nook in my living room. It's such a relaxing place to sit and have an afternoon tea (One thing you should know about me is my tea obsession...love tea!) and flip through a good decorating magazine, or a trashy tabloid (wink)

The second are my coffee table books. I'm still building my collection, but to me they are like art for your coffee table. I love me a good vignette!

The next thing I love are my vintage Vogue covers from the 30's. So glam!

The fourth thing I love are my Thai silk curtains. I wanted these puppies forever. They are so glam and so dramatic in the living room, just the way I had hoped they would be! I admire them every day!

And lastly, (we're done already!?!) I love my wedding pictures of me and my Hubby, Ryan. All together now...awwww! We're still newlyweds, our first anniversary is on July 2nd! I love having sweet memories all around the house to make me smile.

A HUGE thank you to Emily for having me here today! So fun! I hope you guys will come say hi at Hello Lovely!

Told you guys- super glam, right?!  Thanks so much, Sarah girl! Loved having you.

If you are a blogger who is interested in participating in this series, I would love to hear from you! Contact me at mainstreetchicblog@gmail.com.


  1. AnonymousJune 18, 2012

    Looks awesome! Love the blog.

  2. The reading area is just divine, this has inspired me to try this in my own home,I've been trying to figure out what to do in this one corner of my living room, and just had no idea, until I saw this blog, I didn't have a clue! I have to say that these rooms looks like a designer did them, does hello lovely design homes? I love your site too, everything is beautiful. OH, those antique vogue pictures are just stunning!!!!!! Thank you for adding this, it has given me some idea's.

  3. Yay! So glad you are inspired by this space; I agree- it's gorgeous! I don't thiiiink Sara designs homes, but she might be willing to give you some tips/suggestions! xoxo!


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