Best Online DIY Sources


It's no secret that I LOVE a good DIY. There are a few websites that are a continual source of inspiration for me. In this month's Twenty Something, I am sharing my favorite online DIY sources.

They inlcude:
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I left off Pinterest purposely, because I view Pinterest as a categorization/referral tool and not an original source.

Did I miss any? What sites are your "go-to's" for DIY project inspiration?


  1. I just found your blog and already feel totally hooked! I was only taking a brief break from studying for the bar exam so I have to hit the books soon but I am your latest follower and will be back to read through more!

    *Nice to virtually 'meet' you*

    I hope I can be a source of inspiration too. I hope to get around to posting some DIY projects on my blog this month!A Preponderance of Fashion

  2. Awesome! Thanks for your comment and the follow :) Going to check out your blog later today. xoxo!


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