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Old always beats new... it really is the truth isn't it? At least for me, I will generally prefer something that is vintage to brand spanking new. This is true not only with home decor/fashion, but also wilth a house itself.

So when I came across this home (you know I am kind of a real-estalker, right?), I flipped! It is the *perfect* Houston home. Houston, you say? Well yes, I keep tabs on the real estate market in a few different cities. And yes, sometimes my eye wanders out of my price range.... did I mention this home could be yours for a cool $6 mil? Nevertheless! Doesn't stop me from appreciating the gorgeousness.

Location, location, location is right up there in importance-level as the house itself. And this house is in an established area with beautiful, old TREES. Not having large trees, to me, is a huge drawback for newer construction.

It recently got a gut reno and I think the work they did ended up being spectacular- just truly a blank canvas! They have it staged beautifully, but I hope whoever ends up living here gives it loads of personality. Because, unfortunately, I feel like alot of homes in Houston are decorated in the same style. And the french style is gorgeous... but isn't variety the spice of life?

If it were my house, I would slap some high gloss paint on the back of those shelves and paint the window casements BLACK.

I think I could handle this being my bedroom. How cute are those tiny original windows on the left wall? Things like that are the best thing about old houses- love the quirks! I'm thinking I would make this room look something like this.

I would wallpaper that kitchen in something bold. Also, check out that butler's pantry...

And the mar.ble. And the arched doorways. It's just too much goodness.

The family room is perfection as well. I really love the ability to open the room up to the outside.

This backyard... I die. I can just see the boxwoods on the corners of the pool.

I would eat breakfast out here literally everyday. Rain or shine, like the mail.

All images via here.

Be sure to check out the full listing here, it gives some great detail about the extent of the renovation, the work that into this home and more pics. So, with all that said, anyone want to loan me some $$$?

So fun to daydream! What do you all think? Do you love this home as much as I do? What are your must haves for a dream home?


  1. I need it! But I am with you... things would look a little different if I were there :)

  2. Totally!! It seems like no matter how much I love a house there is always something I would change... oh well!

  3. Absolutely breathtaking! Perfect!

  4. I love this house, it's gorgeous! It is also on one of my favorite Houston streets. I didn't know you lived or used to live in Houston!

  5. Yes! I lived in Houston for about 18 months before we moved to STL last year. I miss it SO much, really hope to move back ASAP.

  6. this is AMAZING. oh my goodness, i love it!

  7. SUCH a pretty home! Omygosh...

  8. Do you know who the artist is of the pieces pictured?

    1. I don't! They are gorgeous though! You might contact the architect or realtor for the house, they might be able to point you in the right direction! Xo!

  9. I'm dying over all those kitchens!!! GORG


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Brighton! Love your name and your blog! Xoxo

  10. I am absolutely IN LOVE with everything about this home. The floors are giving my goosebumps!!!! So incredible!

    xo- Margaret



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