Chinois nightstand DIY


I love these nightstands. The clean white coupled with the chinois-style legs and brass pulls..... just perfection.

But after some extensive internet searching... I came to the conclusion that they are probably antique - aka can't be found again and if you could find them they would be crazy expensive.

But- that doesn't mean this look can't be re-created! All you would need is an unfinished nightstand in a similar style, white spray paint, brass drawer pulls, a trip to the Home Depot and a little ingenuity.

At the Home Depot, get some trim to cut into the shape of the feet of the nightstand. Then attach the pieces to the legs of the nightstand with wood glue and add some filler so you can't see the seam where the two pieces meet. Then spray it white, attach the pulls and call it a day!

Kind of labor intensive, but really not too bad for custom nightstands! This is a DIY that I would love to try.... but I should probably finish my other projects first :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. You are so creative, Emily! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear!

  2. There is a place in Houston called Settler's Hardware, they only carry antique and very good repos of hardware. I was in there the other weekend and saw many pulls that could be beautiful for something like this. They also had theses amazing brass end caps for feet. Those could be another good option for someone who wants a similar look but with different details. Love the idea!!

    I am working on an IKEA Hack... if it turns out well, it will be on Facebook. Ha!

    1. Oooo I love a good Ikea hack! Can't wait to see it!

  3. What a great DIY! I was about to suggest that and when I scrolled down and saw it I was so happy! You are a true go-getter! I hope your project comes out beautiful!! <3

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