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Now that I feel like the living room is getting to a good place decor-wise, my eye has started wandering to other parts of the Chouse. And when I saw this 'game table' in the latest issue of Lonny, it really got me thinking... 
It got me thinking about a certain area of the Chouse- the dead space outside of the living room/kitchen area. Essentially, we just walk through it. But it is alot of square footage that could be used for something. Game area? Perfect!

First attempt at a video went... OK. Special appearance by my sweet Dais around the 13 second mark.

Here is a regular pic of the area.

See what I mean by dead space? The Chouse is great... but the layout is definitely quirky. Remember when I explained how we had to 'lose' those doors to create a wall in the living room? Soooo thinking outside the box is a must. Anyway! I created a little mock up of what how we could use this area for game nights!

Wouldn't that be just the cutest little spot to play games?? I think so.


  1. I think it's the perfect solution. So many would just stick a plant in that area. But making it another functional (and fun) area gets my vote! Good thinking!

  2. Thanks Erin! There is alot of work to be done (obvi) but it is great to have a plan. xo!

  3. LOVE! Make it happen, girl!


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