The Real Housewives Real Estate- Jill Zarin


Today we are taking a look at the NYC (Upper East side) home of Jill Zarin. One thing that Jill said on the show was that you should redecorate your home every 7 years. While this may not be realistic for everyone, I understand the sentiment behind it. Interior style changes, just as fashion does. And while there are things that will always be classic, it is important to keep your home up to date as much as you can. Even if you don't have the Zarin's budget to work with :)

I think Jill did a great job with her most recent redecoration. She has a great resource in Zarin fabrics. She brings in contrast with various fabrics while creating continuity through the color scheme.

All images via here.

SO glad it's hump day. The weekend is in sight!

xoxo, Emily

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