'art' for my planner


I am old school and still love using my planner. There is just something wonderful about checking off your to do list.... anyway! I recently reverted to high school and collaged the front of my planner. You heard me right. Collaged it. With mod-podge and all.

I pretty much love it. I included a Rebecca Minkoff bag, Inslee Haynes drawing, some fab Duralee fabric, white peonies and of course- cheetah print. It's always nice to have something pretty to look at while you are planning your day :)

Here are some old ones I dug up for good measure- they are circa 2005-2007 (please note the Prince William cover. Told you I loved him).

Sidenote- Happy Belated Birthday to Kate Middleton. Sister is making 30 look GOOD.

One reason I love being old school and having an actual planner is looking back through them. They really are a really great walk down memory lane. What was I doing on this day in 2007? Applying for internships, printing off math notes and watching Grey's Anatomy at 8:00. And probably dreaming about marrying Prince William. Ohhhhh college.


  1. I remember all three of those planners. I'm now regretting I threw all of mine away!!!

  2. Oh girl I had a major prince william obsession...I still use a regular pen and papaer planner too!

  3. Neely- Glad I'm not the only one :)

    And Kac- I will let you look through mine, I'm sure we had some similar activities during those years!

  4. Your love for Prince William was unlike anything I had ever seen. Remember when you taped pictures of him on your tub at Youth Quake... while we were camping.

  5. I love it!!!! Carry on the tradition :)

  6. Heidi- I do not remember that but I am SO glad you do!! Borderline weird. Ok... just weird!!


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