Gilpin sunroom re-vamp


My BFF who lives in Tulsa recently reached out to me for some help with re-vamping her sunroom. She has a great eye on her own, but I am obviously more than happy to help a sister out!

Essentially, she just wants to make the space more of a 'destination,' for reading, hanging out, etc. Right now they don't use the space a ton and it's a shame because its a good sized room and it has lovely light. After chatting with her, I think the main things we will do is some space planning, curtains, a rug and accessories. Those things just REALLY change rooms. She wants the space to be light, airy and eclectic.

Here's how it is now.

The great thing is, they have lot of items to work with and my friend is SUPER creative/DIY friendly :)

So, here is the plan!

We will make no major renos (keep wall color, floors, etc) Keep existing furniture. Add accessories and re-do funiture as needed. Check out our Pinterest inspiration board here.

Step 1- Get the space plan done right. (this is seriously what I sent her- did this in my office in 5 min without measurements.... remember we are in a no-judgement zone)

This might have to change.. but we will just have to play with the layout and see what works.

Step 2- Curtains. DEFINITELY doing the drop cloth thing. It's no secret I am a huge fan of drop cloth. And in this instance, it is going to work so well because the dark curtains she has now aren't lending any airiness to the room.

We are also going to spray her existing hardware black and re-mount it. This is a good illustration of why.

Step 3. New rug- one that will bring in pattern and lots of color. Fun!

Step 4. Create a BIG gallery on this wall.

That looks like this. Eclectic, sentimental images, etc.

Step 5. Re-do this bench. The wood will be painted black and the seat will get some type of facelift as well.

Step 6. Add floating book shelves on these walls using this DIY.

Step 7. Accessorize. Get a floor lamp, a lovely plant, some fab pillows and call it a day.

Is that enough steps? I'm sure there will be more :) She is going to get started on the curtains and purchase the rug. I am headed to Tulsa in a few weeks to help make some more progress. Can't wait to share the changes with you!


  1. Where is that rug from? It's beautiful!

  2. It IS beautiful and its on MEGA SALE!

  3. ooh, I love your plans for your friends room! It will be a fantastic space, very exciting. Thank you for your comment and link today Emily, I very much appreciate it :)
    Nancy xo

  4. Oh how exciting!!! Love the plan and can't wait to see how it comes out!!!

  5. I need your help with my house!! PLEASE COME TO DENVER and stay with me!!

    J Otis

  6. Jess- I would love to help! Send me an email with pics of the rooms you need some help with!

  7. Love it!! Can't wait to see the finished room.


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