Hot House alternatives


I got a comment on my post last week about Schumacher's Hot House Flowers fabric asking for similar fabric options at a more 'main street' price point :) Wanted to share what I came up with!

Here is the original. Again, it's gorge-ous! Note- this is the spark colorway, it is offered in two other colorways.

But, if you are doing a larger project and need more yardage, there are some options that can pinch hit. (sports term whaaaat?)

My favorite alternative is Pottery Barn's Bettina fabric. Sadly, PB discontinued it a while back... BUT it still pops up on Ebay/Etsy sometimes. I thank my lucky stars I got a shower curtain in this fabric as a wedding gift. You've seen it on the ole blog here and here.

I might start a petition to PB to get them to offer it again...

Some other options that are readily available.


Not the exact same, but beautiful options nonetheless!

Sarah Richardson used the above fabric (or something VERY similar) in an episode of Sarah 101. I think the chairs turned out fab.


Do you all know of any great Hot House alternatives that I missed?

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