Thankful Thursdays: the country


Photo by Lori Wilson Photography.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the city. But a big part of my heart will always be in the country. There is just something about wide open spaces... and yes, that was a reference to the Dixie Chicks. When we lived in Houston (and even in now that we are in STL), I sometimes find myself driving along, seeing nothing but gas stations and strip malls, and I wish I could just see some COWS. Weird? Not for me... cows remind me of home :)

So, this weekend, I am super thankful for the opportunity to escape the concrete jungle and spend some time on red dirt and Oklahoma pastures. Oh, and did I mention spending time with great friends? Always thankful for that!

My Momma feeding her cows :)
Am I the only country lover out there? If so, that's ok with me. But knowing myself, by the end of the weekend I will be thankful for the city. It's all about balance :)

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  1. 1. Love the pic of your mom on the farm.
    2. You're not the only one who longs for the country. I do all the time, and I live in Tulsa!
    3. I miss cows sometimes, too.


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