Chouse dining room updates


I shared some pics of our dining room not long after we moved in. True to form, I already got the itch to change some things. It's not my fault! I blame this fabulous dining room from Simplified Bee.....

Can you guess what I was thinking? If you said VELVET! Then you are right. The pattern we had on the chairs I was just not digging with the rug... and I thought velvet would be the perfect solution to this problem. I was right.

I had to convice the Hubs on this one. Not surprisingly, he doesn't get the itch to change things as much as I do. I chalk it up to one of those "men are from mars, women are from venus things".
ANYWAY. Here is a sneak peak.

I love how cozy the velvet makes the room feel. I think I have made a believer out of the Hubs, too. More dining room updates to come!

Happy Monday!


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