DIY Leopard Tray


This past weekend, I completed some super fun DIY projects. One of them was this fab leopard tray that my friend Katie found on Pinterest. She did it first and after I saw her finished product, I knew I needed one too :)

Original pin Here.
I started with this lovely tray I got as a hostess gift. I love it, but thought the leopard would give it some extra oomph.

I didn't follow the directions from the original pin exactly. My tray has rubber grippers on the bottom to keep it from getting scraped up, so I had to put the paper on the inside of the tray instead of the outside. I am a rule breaker and living on the DIY edge.

So I cut the paper down to more manageable size (PS-Katie got the leopard paper at World Market and was sweet enough to give me some for my tray).

Then, I placed the paper on the inside of the tray and used a really sharp exacto knife to cut it to the right size.

Then, I used the glossy mod podge to attach it.

 After the paper was placed, I used a credit card to smooth out the air bubbles.

I did another layer of mod podge on top. About this time, the Hubs asked "is that going to dry clear?" I responded with "please do not insult my crafting ability by asking questions like that!"

Obviously, it does dry clear, and leaves a lovely glossy coating over the paper. I think it looks just fab.

More fun DIYs to share later!


  1. It's so easy- I swear I am going to make at least 3 more!

  2. Lovesy! I need to do this, I have put the one from CB2 in my "shopping cart" so many times now..

  3. It turned out so fab! I really want to make a few more ; )

  4. Thanks ladies! Lauren- the trays are very cheap at the Container Store, you might pick up a few from there. xo!

  5. What a great idea! And it looks achieveable even for those of us who lack your expert craft skills.

    Thanks for the step by step pictures too, those are so helpful!

    I love the pop of unexpected color/pattern too!


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