Thankful Thursdays: Pandora


Pandora really gets me through the day. Just to be clear, not the jewelry... the online radio :) Some of my fav stations? Ohhh Gavin Degraw, Garth Brooks (obvi- fav of my lifetime), Beyonce, Death Cab for Cutie, Broadway All-Stars, Adele, NSYNC (this is a no judgement zone), Symphonic, NeedtoBreathe, Mumford and Sons, Randy Rogers Band.... the list goes on! Once December hits, you know I will be hitting up the Christmas station, too.

This is what I wish I were doing while listening to Pandora...

But really, I am just sitting at a desk.... Almost the same thing.

And you know I can't talk about dancing without sharing one of my favorite YouTube videos of life. You will NOT be disappointed if you watch this video.

ANYWAY, what are YOU thankful for today? Have any awesome Pandora station recommendations I need to add to my rotation??

PS- I also really love that Lisa (from RHOBH obvi) named her daughter Pandora. And said with a british accent, perfection! "Pahhndoora."


  1. i definitely stole that video and put it on my own blog giving you all the credit on the find. it's AMAZING.

  2. I know its mean, but that video just makes me so happy!!


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