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The return of Gossip Girl this season re-ignited a question that started bothering me seasons ago... who designed the amazing sets????

If you do a google search of gossip girl set/gossip girl interiors/gossip girl rooms, you don't come up with much. But, luckily enough, as I was reading the October issue of Adore Magazine, I found the answer! NYC designer Christina Tonkin designed not only the Gossip Girl sets... but some of the SATC sets as well!!! Two shows whose rooms have such amazing style.... but what stands out the most to me is how Christina captures the essence of the characters within their homes. It really is SO interesting.

Charlotte York's Park Avenue apartment, the epitome of classic, WASP-y style.

Miranda Hobbs' apartment has a semi-masculine feel.

And Samantha Jones' bedroom... its allllllllll about the bed, and so is Samantha! Ha.

Tonkin designed the Petrofsky loft as well, which is very moody. Perfect for a brooding artist.

The Gossip Girl interiors are just perfection as well.

Blair's bedroom is just so glamorous. Shiny surfaces, silk and gilded definitely looks like a palace.

The glamorous feeling of Blair's bedroom is definitely in keeping with the rest of the Waldorf penthouse.

Check out those mirrored Louis chairs!

Serena's bedroom at the Waldorf apartment is definitely more eclectic and showcases contemporary art, which is interesting because so does the apartment she 'grew up in'. I love that Tonkins had the attention to detail to bring that to Serena's new room.

See? The Van der Woodsen residence is all about the art as well and is very contemporary and eclectic.

All images via here.
Not only is Christina a genius at set design, but she has a very impressive residential portfolio worth checking out as well.

Anyway, do ya'll love the SATC and GG sets as much as I do? I would love to discuss your predictions of what will happen this season on GG!!!

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