Chouse Powder Room


This is what I would like the powder room in our Chouse to look like.

Or like this...

Or maybe even like this...

I always think of powder rooms to be a place to go big or go home. So, giving ours an update has been on my list for a while now. But since the Hubs probably wouldn't appreciate the Scalamandre wallpaper as much as I do, I am thinking something a bit more tame. Let's remember what we started with (please note- this pic is from when we were house hunting and it was staged) The. bathroom. was. teal. 

So that would be level 0. This past weekend I began the painting process.... aaaaand I only got done with the priming portion.

So as of now, we are at level 0.5. Level 1 would be totally painted. Hopefully that will happen this week/next weekend. The paint I am using is Benjamin Moore Senora Gray.

Level 2 will be stenciling with this fabulous pattern.

I really want to do RED, but will probably end up doing white.

Level 3 will be accessories. Thinking I will def. incorporate some red, gold and orange. Who knows what I will end up with. I do have to remember that this is technically Daisy's bedroom (we keep her crate in here).... I think she will be pleased with the updates!


  1. Oh my, how much do I love that first powder room!!??!?!?!

    The Senora grey is gorgeous and I never would have even thought to use a stencil to get a pattern you liked on the wall. Amazing!

    I love your projects, and can't wait to see how this one turns out!

  2. I love powder room, these are great inspirations!


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